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Research Services

Without reliable research-driven facts, private and public entities are reasonably bound to making misguided decisions.

Data and research is central; whether it is a company trying to understand poor customer retention, government evaluating the impact of a decade-old policy or a donor planning an intervention in rural water supply. Markets in developing countries acknowledge on the relevance of research to inform their decisions. Importantly, credible and timely interventions ought to rely on solid, informed and well-grounded research findings.

Our research team brings cutting-edge and advanced research capacity to support our clients at all levels of decision making. We conduct policy relevant, high-quality, and scientifically rigorous empirical studies that both inform and drive business and development policy agenda. We have a wealth of international and local research experience. We aspire to provide excellent research services while ensuring that clients’ research needs are matched with technical rigor and quality.

ZA Advisory offers the following research services:

  • Rigorous and policy relevant studies on:
    • Poverty and inequality
    • Economic growth and development policy
    • Environment and natural resources
    • Education and human capital development
    • Urban, rural, and social development
    • Fragility, conflict, and violence
  • Big data analytics.
    • Analysis of large datasets
    • Analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery data
  • Policy and program designs and evaluations
  • Survey designs, data collection and cleaning services.