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Consulting Engineering

The Consulting Engineering unit offers independent and expert engineering and economic advice based on feasibility, client goals, available assets and a growth vision. The unit is led by a UK Chartered Structural Engineer.

Consultancy services are offered to both public and private sector clients backed by years of engineering experience and recognizing the value of investing in sustainable and durable construction.

Services include:

  • Engineering & development consultancy
  • Design leadership
  • Civil & structural engineering design
  • Project management
  • Structural surveys & expert inspections
  • Engineering peer reviews

The team is well vested with regulatory requirements and it has the local and international experience to lead our clients through strategic decisions to detailed design and quality control at the execution stages of a building project.

The unit has capabilities across sectors ranging from urban and rural infrastructure, residential developments, airports, marinas, luxury resorts and commercial and industrial developments to educational and other public facilities. We cater for the individual engineering needs of a client to the complex long term visions of global investors.

We combine our international experience, local knowledge and the latest in technology to help you accomplish projects that put you steps ahead.

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