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Project & Environmental Advisory Services

The traditional time-cost-quality paradigm for project delivery is evolving fast. Modern projects are bigger, more complex and being executed in increasingly uncertain political and operational environments. Besides being on budget, funders now demand projects to demonstrate value for money and deliver benefits to stakeholders.

With the understanding of the challenges facing modern projects, we structured our team to include a chartered structural engineer, project and infrastructure finance experts and environmental specialists.

The project team is well versed with the local regulatory environment and has the local and international experience to advise clients in complex and long-term projects.

We help our clients in:

  • Project concept and initiation
  • Pre-and full financial feasibility studies
  • Project structuring
  • Project finance
  • Project management
  • Financial modelling / project appraisal
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental due diligence

We work with our clients from the early project stages to ensure that value for money and potential benefits are identified from day one…

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